Fracture And Trauma Care

Our trauma care unit of highly skilled surgical team comprising of Orthopedic Surgeons backed by experienced Anesthetists, Physicians and Intensivists, operates 24x7 to provide important emergency care to trauma victims. Well equipped diagnostic centre and state of art Operation theatres with an efficient ICU back up ensure best patient care.


This is minimally invasive procedure to diagnose and treat various conditions of joints is done regularly in the institute by well qualified, trained and experienced arthroscopic surgeons, providing patients with shorter hospital stay and better quality of life.

ACL & PCL Reconstruction

Fully equipped modern German instrumentation facility and infrastructure available for the keyhole surgical correction of ACL, PCL & other sports injuries. We also provide world class post surgical rehabilitation programme.

Knee Replacement

We provide world class ligament-retaining total knee replacement surgeries at the least possible expense. All types of revision total knee replacement surgeries with imported implants also available.

Hip Replacement

Complete replacement of both components of hip joint using imported implants and instruments at affordable and competitive cost currently available. We also have the expertise and modern facility for revision total hip replacement.

Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation

The center is well equipped to evaluate, diagnose and treat injuries relating to sports like concussion, muscle cramps, ACL tears, ankle sprains, muscular tears, tennis elbow, golfers elbow etc.

Arthritis and Joint Replacement

Arthritis (inflammattion of joints) are of 200 types, of which osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are commonest. We help in the expert management of arthritis with medications, physiotherapy and in extreme cases by joint replacements.

Spine Endoscopy

Suture-less surgery for spinal disorders using german keyhole equipment (endoscope) to reduce morbidity and to reduce post surgical recovery period.

Spine Surgery

The doctors have extensive experience in treating full range of spinal problems and are specialized in microdiscectomy, endoscopic spinal surgeries, correction of spinal deformities and fracture fixation.

Spine Deformity Correction

Combined anterior and posterior correction of deformities of spine like Kyphosis & Scoliosis by experienced surgeries with post surgical rehabilitation programme available.

Shoulder And Elbow Surgery

Keyhole surgery with imported implants and instrumentation for shoulder & elbow disorders including sports injuries.

Hand Surgery

Key hole surgeries, traumatic & non-traumatic disorders management, tendon transfer surgeries & deformity corrections also done.

Foot and Angle Surgery

Management of traumatic & non-traumatic disorders of foot & ankle including diabetic foot disorders & Charcots foot, paediatric foot & ankle deformity corrections also dae.

Pediatric Orthopaedics

The musculoskeletal problems of children are different from adults. We diagnose, treat and manage problems like club foot, limb length discrepancies, deformities, Perthe’s disease, rickets, cerebral palsy deformities etc.

Limb Reconstruction

We provided limb lengthening, non-union & deformity correction using Illizarov and limb reconstruction system at affordable cost.


Limb saving surgery with mega prosthesis and auto & allografting technique.

Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Fully automated, round the clock laboratory, with experienced phlebotomist and technicians provide multitude of tests in the field of haematology, clinical pathology cytology, histopathology, and clinical biochemistry.


Digital radiography using digital image capture and transferring the images directly to computer system provides the advantages of laser printing, wider dynamic range and low radiation exposure. Latest C-arm, using the Japanese technology, for fluoroscopic real time imaging during surgical and orthopaedic procedures also available.

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

We provide rehabilitation therapies after injury to facilitate the patient's easy return to pre-injury activities. Specialised customised rehabilitation programmes for sports injuries also available.

Intensive Care and Anesthesia

Post operative intensive care and ventilatory care of international standard by well experienced and qualified specialists in the field.

Internal Medicine And Cardio Diabetology

Outpatient services by experienced doctors in the field, on appointment basis. Round the clock on-call services also available.

OPD Services